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I'm interdisciplinary. Trained in sociology and STS (Science and Technology Studies), I've worked with anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers, engineers, medical practitioners, historians, geographers and linguists. The world demands an interdisciplinary approach.

I assume that the world is a materially heterogeneous mix of the social, economic, material, human, 'natural', and technical, and I use material-semiotic approaches including post-colonial STS to try to catch how it weaves itself together.

I assume that the world is discursively heterogeneous. Systems depend on and Other people, collectivities and realities that fail to fit. In an attempt to resist injustice and hubris I look for gaps and subaltern realities, and draw on postcolonial sensibilities to imagine alternative ways of knowing, and less 'Western' versions of STS.

Finally, I'm concerned with the performativity of method. The argument is that methods tend to produce - though often in unanticipated and contradictory ways - the worlds they claim to be describing. This is not a complaint - but it does deserve careful exploration.


I work closely with colleagues including: Solveig Joks (Guovdageaidnu), Marianne Lien (Oslo), Wen-yuan Lin (Hsinchu, Taiwan), Annemarie Mol (Amsterdam), Ingunn Moser (Oslo), Vicky Singleton (Lancaster), Heather Swanson (Aarhus), and Liv Østmo (Guovdageaidnu).

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14 June 2019